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Desulfater Battery Restorer and Conditioner
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Desulfatador, Acondicionador y Reactivador Electrónico para Baterías de Plomo-Ácido Estacionarias o de Tracción 12V1000-AT US$68.00
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Electronic Desulfater that Prolongs the Service Life and Reclaims Lost Capacity due to sulfate accumulation in all types of Lead-Acid Batteries.

The most common failure mode of a Lead-Acid battery is sulfate buildup on the lead plates. This is a gradual process that will cause the battery to progressively loose its current capacity to properly operate the associated equipment and/or loads, and to efficiently accept and retain a charge. But the good news is that in most cases this problem can be prevented and even reversed, so the battery gets put back in full operation, instead of being prematurely replaced.

This Electronic Desulfater has the following features:

  • Benefits all types of batteries (Flooded, AGM, GEL, Sealed, Deep Cycle, VRLA).
  • Helps to extend useful service life and reclaim battery capacity.
  • Gradually removes and prevents additional cell plate sulfate buildup.
  • Improves charging efficiency by lowering losses that cause internal battery heating.
  • Greatly helps to reduce costly premature battery replacement expenses.
  • Compatible with any Lead-Acid battery of rated capacity between 20-1000 Ah.
  • Build in Low-voltage Automatic Shutoff prevents deep discharge damage to unattended
    batteries if the voltage drops bellow minimum safe limits.
  • Nominal operation is 12V. Will also operate on 24V banks that either use 6V or 12V batteries connected in series, or 12V banks that use 6V batteries connected in series.
  • Minimal current draw, can be left on the battery continuously.

Nominal Voltage: 12V
Current Draw: 0.065A (65mA) @ 12.7VDC
Automatic Shut-Off/Back-On Voltages: 12.1/12.5V +/-1%
Protection: Internal fuse in case of reverse polarity connection. Overvoltage safeguard circuit up to 16V without damage.
Physical: 3.25"x2.10"x1.20" (8.3x5.3x3.0cm, approx. 2.9oz (80gr)

Connecting cable: 1ft/30 cm #14 gauge, Fully Soldered Heavy Duty 3/8" ø Ring Terminals.

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