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OVP Module Total DC Protection 12V/24V
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OVP12V10A US$79.00
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Effective and Dependable Protection Plus DC Power Conditioning for all your Costly Marine Electronics and other sensitive Electrical & Electronic Devices.

In today’s world of sensitive and increasingly complex electronics that require ever more complicated chips to run its functions and features, so consequently there is also a need to pack even more transistors into those chips into an already tiny space. So the only solution is to make those individual transistors increasingly smaller and smaller to be able to fit them in. Unfortunately as their size shrinks so will their ability to withstand power supply over-voltage problems as smaller transistor elements become more fragile. Hence an increasingly important topic has become the protection of electronic components from DC Mains borne over-voltage surges and spikes that could cause irreparable damage to the equipment.

When you wire-in this OVP Module between your equipment and its DC Power Source your Sensitive and Expensive Electronics will be Fully Protected against any momentary or continuous Over-Voltage or Current Overload conditions, with Fully Automatic Self-Restoring once the fault is corrected. And additionally it also effectively protects against a wide range of other DC Mains Induced Transient Voltage Surges, Spikes and Pulses.

A single OVP Module Can Easily Protect Multiple Electronic Devices as
it Can Handle Loads of 10Amp Continuous, and Up to 20Amp Max Peak Load.

OVP Module Features Overview

  • Fully Automatic 24/7 Over-Voltage Protection for any Sensitive Electronic Devices that Operate from a DC Voltage Supply.
  • Handles 10Amp Continuous Total Load, 20Amp Max Intermittent Load.
  • Compatible with All DC 12V Nominal Voltage Power Systems. A 24V version is available.
  • Fast Precise Over-Voltage Protection Action with Fully Automatic Self-Restoring. No Operator Intervention Required.
  • Also protects equipment against extreme Under-voltage Conditions.
  • Over-Current Short-circuit Protection with Fully Automatic Self-Restoring.
  • Protects Sensitive Electronics from Induced Transient Surge Voltages (Nearby Lightning Strikes, Inductive Load Switching, etc.)
  • No Internal Fuses to Replace or Breakers To Reset EVER. No Mechanical Switches or Relays.
  • Super Easy Installation, Just Connect And Forget. Requires Very Little Space and Minimal Power to Operate.
  • Active 100% Solid State Design. No Maintenance Required. No Parts To Replace.
  • Maximum 150mV (0.15V) Total Input-To-Output Voltage Burden at Full 10Amp Load. Proportionally Less at Lower Currents.
  • Prominent Bright LED Tri-Color Status Indicator: GREEN: Voltage OK; RED: Over-Voltage Cutoff; ORANGE: Over-Current Trip.
  • Ultra Low Power Standby Consumption. Always Stays Cool During Normal Operation.
  • Immune to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) from any nearby VHF Radios, SSB, Radar, AIS, Wifi, Sat-Phone, etc.

OVP Module Technical Specifications

  • Nominal Operating Voltage Range: 10-15V. A 24V System Version will be available as well.
  • Over-Voltage Trip Voltage: 15.3V (+/-1%). Instantly will disconnect supply voltage from device to Prevent Any Damage.
  • Voltage Switch Off (Protection) Time: Less than 10mS at set voltage limit. Instantly Protects Sensitive Equipment and Prevents Damage.
  • Over-voltage Reset: Fully Automatic Self-Restore. As soon as the over-voltage condition is removed, full power output is immediately restored.
  • Status Indicator: Bright Tricolor Green/Red/Orange LED Indicator shows status at a glance.
  • Additional Input Voltage Protection: GDT (Gas Filled Plasma Discharge Arrestor Tube) 75V 2kA Spike and Surge Absorber/Protector.
  • Additional Output Voltage Protection: Bi-directional TVS "TransZorb" 600W ESD Transient Voltage Suppressor.
  • Maximum Recommended Continuous Load Current: Up to 10Amp, No Time Limit.
  • Maximum Recommended Peak Load Current: 20Amp Peaks for up to 5 minutes.
  • Short-circuit Protection: A Current Peak of >25Amp will Trip the Automatic Overload Protection.
  • Short-circuit Protection Mode: Self-Restoring PPTC Fuse (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient device).
  • Short-circuit Restore: Fully Automatic, 5-30 seconds after overload condition is removed (Time depends on severity of overload condition).
  • Internal Protection Switching Device: Latest Generation 100% Solid State Device. No Mechanical Relay Contacts to Wear or Burn Out.
  • Total Voltage Burden: Only 150mV (0.15V) at Full 10Amp Load. 65mV (0.065V) drop at 5Amp. 15mV (0.015V) drop at 1Amp.
  • Own Power Consumption: Less than 25mA (0.025Amp) at 13.8V, while actively monitoring DC Input voltage in the background.
  • Input/Output Connection Type: Robust Barrier Terminal Strip, Steel SEMS Screws with Integral Wire Catch Plate.
  • Connection Acceptance: Up to TWO #12 Stranded or Solid Wires On EACH terminal, or takes multiple #8 Spade/Ring Crimp Terminals. Guaranteed to Securely Hold Bare Wire Sizes from #12 to #22.
  • Operating Temperature: Continuous duty at full 10Amp load from 0-50° C ambient.
  • Housing: High Impact Resistant ABS. IP-54 Ingress Protection Rated for Splash/Dust (Not suitable for wet locations).
  • Dimensions: 3.25"W x 2.10"L x 1.20"D / 83 x 53.5 x 30.5mm (including side mounting flanges).
  • Unit Weight: approx. 4.3oz (120gr).
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